maandag 13 januari 2014


Je kwam aandravend
over de steppe van een ver verleden.
De geur en kleur van hooi 
net of het daar eeuwig al zomer was
nog verstrengeld met je vacht

Doorheen je dromerige blik
zaten oude en lange verhalen geweven.
Dansend op de winden van
vele voorbij gewaaide zomers
wekten ze de dichter in mijn hart.

We hebben halverwege
wat momenten bij elkaar gegaard
en zijn toen door het leven uit elkaar gedreven
Met de dalende zon is gaandeweg 
het goud uit je manen vervaagd

maar het zilveren licht in onze ogen is gebleven,
de herinnering voor altijd bewaard.

- DagEnDauw -

9 opmerkingen :

  1. Deeply felt, well said. Thanks to Google Translate, I got an idea of the beauty that's in the golden hay of your poem. It fits the image so intriguingly well.

    1. Wow, thanks for this compliment Marso and for the visit ofcourse.

  2. Beautiful photo. Who is the gipsy? The obvious or the one reflected in the eye? : )
    Unlike Marso I consider the 'translator' lousy, though. Your poem is much better.

    1. Thanks for your visit and appreciation
      I guess in a way they both are.

      Because of your reaction I couldn't resist to try the translator, to see for myself...
      It was turned into some kind of "Dunglish" poem, indeed.
      Luckily my English readers have the wit and imagination to make the best out of it ... ;-)
      Do you understand the Dutch language, or did you have a personal translator over there?

    2. Oh, be glad you did not read, let alone listen [!] to the German version.
      I think yesterday I tried the Google translator twice: for the first and for the last time. :)

      As for my Dutch. It would be a huge exaggeration to claim it were rudimental**. ;)
      Sometimes, especially when the poems are short, I am doing my best, though, to understand.
      My lousy knowledge of your beautiful language is certainly one reason that there are but two Dutch bloggers whose sites I am visiting more or less regularly: One is my friend Bertus Pieters who blogs at Villa Gedichten and Villa la Repubblica, and – voilà! – you.

    3. Well thank you, I am very honoured to hear this.

    4. I felt lucky when some years ago stumbling upon your blog.
      It the horse in your image the one that stood model for Droom(v)angst?

    5. Now you made me curious for the reason why you felt lucky?

      Well they are two of a kind, but the one from the drawing was a complete white one with two blue eyes. This one has a dark fur with white manes and one blue and one brown eye. Last year the white one, was there on the wintermeadow near my house, but this winter it 's missing. As a matter of fact I dedicated the poem "Gipsy" to that white horse, because it kept me busy where it's gone after last winter.

      Have a nice weekend and thanks again for your visit, Sean.

    6. Huh, better late than never, Dauw, eh?
      Lucky I felt (a) because if you had not stumbled upon my blog look here, I might not have come to witness your various talents. Unfortunately, for mysterious reasons more than two years I was unable to publish comments on your blog. You may take as a proof what you will find clicking here.
      The peace of the night.